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A loudspeaker which is compact is also termed as bookshelf speakers as evident from its name it is intended to be used in higher and compact places e.g. bookshelves. They are generally built for consumer grade audio applications or home theater packages.

Good quality speakers were used to be big in sizes and require a big place to be placed back in 1950s but with improvement in technology in 1960’s some manufacturers started producing better sounding speakers with a smaller footprint for household purpose. With the increase in quality of sound people started showing interest in small speakers for their homes for better sound quality.

Bookshelf speakers started getting momentum back in the 1990’s when better sounding quality speakers were produced at affordable cost due to advancement in technology and a sharp drop in prices due to mass production technologies. In the 1990’s we observed rapid improvement in amplifiers, digital signal processing & other key components which lead to better quality home audio systems.

Due to the demand for high-quality sound speakers, there are many brands available in the market which offers premium sound quality and build design for consumer markets. Among many suppliers Eastwood Hi-fi is a name of trust & reliability which provides major Hi-Fi brands as listed below:

  • Yamaha
  • Monitor Audio speakers
  • KEF speakers
  • Onkyo
  • Q Acoustics speakers
  • Paradigm Speakers
  • Sony Projectors
  • Triangle Speakers and more

They are Sound bar, subwoofer and surround sound specialists as they provide the best services as they understand your requirements and recommend you a solution best for your location. They will design a solution tailored to you in such a way so that you may have the best sound experience in your home settings. They claim to have the best prices on Home Theatre & Surround Sound Speakers and will try to match a lower price without compromising on quality.

Presenting a custom solution is in favor of customer as a survey shows that 30% of audio system purchases are unsuitable for the purchaser as it does not fulfill customer needs and customer orders them due to lack of knowledge. In this way, a customer not only saves money but also get the best sound experience tailored to its home environment. You can also visit their offices where you will find two states of the art sound lounges where you can experience speaker’s quality in presence of their friendly staff who will answer your entire question if you have any.

Eastwood Hi-fi has been operating in Sydney for over 35 years and is undoubtedly industry leaders. They have a reputation of having specialization in mainstream high technology components in regard to Audio and Audio/Video.

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